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Hunger is a great motivator. Properly providing for our most loyal family members is what drove Leslie Fhima to create a whole new market in the world of dog food with the introduction of an original concept – a convenient, healthy meal replacement bar for canines.


It was while working as a personal trainer that Leslie came up with the concept of PowerBark. You see, Leslie was easily able to refuel with the abundance of portable and convenient energy bars, meal replacement options, and other snacks available for humans. The pickings were pretty slim for her beloved pup Sadie. 


PowerBark, is a 100% complete, balanced, natural, and vegetarian dog food bar that animal lovers can provide to dogs anywhere, anytime.  This delicious and nutritious meal provides complete nutritional adequacy for adult dogs as guided by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.


PowerBark contains no gluten, wheat, soy, or corn. Bars are great to take on trips, hiking, camping, keep in the car for unexpected delays, and include wherever life’s adventures carry you and your canine companion.


More about Leslie Fhima


Leslie’s love of dogs is only rivaled by her love of all things fitness. When she is not coming up with new creative ideas or concepts for PowerBark, she is active with a variety of pursuits including teaching Urban Pop, Pilates, pre-school fitness, and kid’s hip hop classes. During her teens and twenties, she traveled extensively with the Ice Follies and Holiday on Ice throughout Europe and South America. 


Her commitment to athleticism has been well-documented, with features in Shape Magazine, Mpls. St. Paul Magazine, and a starring role in a national television commercial for Crystal Light. Additionally, she choreographed fitness videos for Kathy Smith, Mary Hart, and the National Aerobic Championship. More recently, she choreographed numerous flash mobs for various companies in Minneapolis and Los Angeles, which were all well received. 


She knows first-hand the importance of good nutrition while on the go, having completed ten marathons, traveled throughout Asia with the Crystal Light National Aerobic champions, and ran her own fitness studio for many years. She is mother to three grown children – Zack, Chloe and Eli and currently has two grandchildren -  Jackson and Sofia. Leslie makes her home in Minneapolis, MN.





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