Is the PowerBark bar a treat or an energy bar?


​PowerBark is a 100% complete and balanced meal in a portable 4 oz. bar.  It is adequate nutrition for all adult dogs. PowerBark was not designed as an energy bar, yet can be used as a treat when broken into smaller pieces. 


 How much should I feed my dog?


One PowerBark bar will feed a 30-pound adult dog adequately for one meal.  If you feed your dog once a day, then he’ll need 2 bars at that feeding.  When feeding your dog twice a day, then one bar in the morning and one bar at night.


 How much should I feed my bigger dog versus my very small dog?


 If your dog is lighter or heavier than 30 pounds, use multiples of 3.  For an example, your dog weighs close to 90 pounds; feed him 3 bars in the morning and 3 bars at night.  If your dog weighs close to 10 pounds, he’ll need 1/3 of the bar in the morning and 1/3 of the bar for the evening meal. 


 If PowerBark is vegetarian, how does my dog receive protein?


PowerBark provides your adult dog 100% of the protein a dog needs on a daily basis. PowerBark’s main source of protein is pea protein.  It also has added essential amino acids to meet the protein needs for adult dogs.  It is important to know that dogs can not make all the essential amino acids on their own therefore those amino acids must come from the food they eat. 


 Wait a minute – I thought dogs were carnivores?


Dogs are omnivores and adequate protein intake can come from animal, vegetable or other sources. PowerBark provides the proper balance of protein and amino acids that contributes to the health and maintenance of your adult dog. 


 Can you tell me about the ingredients? 


PowerBark’s ingredients are wholesome and made from human quality foods.  Human quality does not necessarily mean human edible.   When you open a PowerBark bar, you immediately smell sweet molasses and can visually see the oatmeal. 


 How did you decide how to formulate PowerBark? 


The first 8 of the 10 ingredients are foods found in all of our homes, that’s exactly how we came up with the idea for our initial recipe.  How about feeding our dogs the foods we eat?  With added vitamins, minerals, we have provided your adult dog a 100% complete, portable and convenient meal right from your pocket!


 What about shelf life?


Without opening the wrapper, PowerBark has a shelf life of 18 months.  Once the wrapper has been opened, PowerBark should be used within a day or two. 


 What about changing dog foods? Should I be careful? 


Conventional wisdom states most dog owners perform a transition, over a five to seven day period, with the introduction of the dog’s new food. This method of transitioning to the new dog food will nourish the dog adequately as well as enabling your dog to adapt metabolically, decreasing possibilities of digestion concerns. 


 Do I need to worry about transitioning dog food when I feed my dog a PowerBark bar on a supplemental or intermittent feeding schedule? 


The answer is No! Our research and formal dog testing trials indicate PowerBark works fabulously as a supplemental meal or an intermittent meal without any adverse health problems. PowerBark can be used along side your dog’s regular food at any time. 


 Why PowerBark? What made you make a dog food bar? 


Our dream and initial goals for PowerBark was to make a dog food that can be brought with us on the go!  We wanted it to be a complete meal replacement, 100% convenient, portable, no mess or fuss, and at the same time ultimately nourishing the dog adequately too!  We accomplished our goals and here we are – A Meal on the Run for the Dog on the Go!  Perfect for any adult dog, anytime, anywhere. 


 Dog Testing – How did they like it? 


When formal dog testing trials for palatability was performed, PowerBark had a 98.6% percent success rate.  We believe in our human quality ingredients and once the wrapper is touched, our 4-legged friends come running!  


Where is PowerBark made


It’s important to let our customers know that PowerBark is manufactured and assembled right here within our country’s borders.  We believe strongly in contributing to our country’s work force and we support PowerBark’s manufacturing process at all levels.


To Contact Us By Email: contact@powerbark.com

Leslie at (612) 840-6112 


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