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PowerBark Dog Food Bars

"The results speak for themselves."

When I am not running a law firm in the City, my passion is spending my free time in the fields and wetlands of Minnesota and South Dakota hunting waterfowl and upland game with my yellow lab, Stella.  In addition to hunting equipment, clothing and guns, it was always necessary to pack up a tub of dog food for Stella. Not any more.  Recently, my wife, Jayne, came home with a box of PowerBark dog food bars.  I tried them out hunting pheasants at the RH Lodge in Sauk Centre, MN with good friend and host, Duane Lund, his yellow lab, Bo, and Stella.  The PowerBark bars were convenient, easy to serve on the go and in the field, and the dogs loved them.  The PowerBark bars were also a nutritious meal allowing Stella and Bo to go hard in the field all day.  The results speak for themselves.  See above.  An easy-to-tote box of PowerBark bars is now a staple in all of our bird hunting excursions.

Bill Habicht



Hi Everybody-I'm a fussy eater. My parents always had to coax me at mealtime. Thankfully they found something I will eat no matter what-- Power Bark, the DOG MEAL BAR!  Woof!"... Gratefully, Bella-Luna Lewis, Hollywood, CA
Every time we open a new bar of Powerbark our dog Stella comes running right on cue! I’m not sure weather it’s the crinkly sound of the bag or the sweet smell of molasses that entices her to get there but she doesn’t ever miss her chance at a delicious Powerbark treat.

We love feeding Stella Powerbark as a treat or as a meal, especially when we head off to the family cabin or go on a camp trip.  For a family of 5 as we are, the car can get tight! The bars are super easy to pack with us to take on the road, and even more convenient to serve! 

But, mostly Powerbark is an easy choice for us simply because Stella loves it so much and we know how healthy it is for her.

Thanks as always Powerbark!

The Chapdelaine Family



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